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"Now it's my turn to give back"

Veronica, arrived alone in Australia in 2018 after fleeing Sierra Leone as a result of significant trauma. Now with support from HOST she has been able to rebuild hope and restart her career.

When Veronica first sought help from Project Humanity when she was 7 months pregnant and was struggling under the strain of poverty and past traumas. Through HOST's Project Humanity we were able to provided Veronica with food assistance, emergency financial aid and support with referrals to support Veronica during her pregnancy. This has included support to access ongoing pro bono psychology support for Veronica through our network of volunteer professionals.

“ I was encouraged with warm words of hope through stories, that one day… I will embrace life with happiness, one day … I will be a professional who will stand to help others. My tears will stop flowing and I will feel the calmness coming through with a smile, imagining these coming days, but I still could not even visualize such days, looking at my harsh reality.” Veronica

Veronica is a qualified Registered Nurse and prior to arriving in Australia she worked at a military hospital. Since arriving in Australia she has wanted to re-engage with her career and to work to support herself. Being pregnant and struggling with day to day life has been a significant barrier in addition to the usual challenges that migrants face with employment. However, with the physical and psychological support and help from HOST and others she has been able to restore her confidence as a single mother and to restart her new life with her newborn baby in Australia.

Veronica's training as a nurse was not recognised in Australia without further training that was not practical for her as a single mother. To support Veronica's re-entry into the workforce, she was encouraged to obtain additional education in disability services where there were many jobs. She entered TAFE and gained her Certificate III in Disability support and has now been able to secure a full time job with Salvation's Army at their aged care services.

“Today, I am where I could not imagine myself yesterday and I owe this to HOST’s staff who empowered me with respect, dignity and cared for me with passionate positive approach. Now it is my turn to give back what I learned through my journey.” Veronica

Veronica and her 2 year old child are looking forward to their bright future in Australia.

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