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In Australia our focus is on settlement and integration of newcomers and working with communities to foster inclusion and social cohesion. We have teams based in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Our International headquarters are based in Sydney where we coordinate financial, HR, QA and evaluation services for the HOST International family.

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Project Humanity

Project Humanity aims to put the human back into the treatment of asylum seekers by providing material assistance, employment, healthcare and housing to asylum seekers in Sydney who do not have access to Government support.


Regional Opportunities Australia (ROA)

ROA connects migrant job seekers with employment and lifestyle outcomes in regional Australia. We coach migrant job seekers to be work ready and to find and secure sustainable employment outcomes. Our focus is currently in NSW, Victoria and SA with capacity to place job seekers throughout Australia. Fine out more at 


Community Incubator

The community incubator supports community organisations in Adelaide to develop social, knowledge and financial capital with a view to better supporting newcomers to South Australia. Using a coaching approach we build skills and networks to build capacity for community inclusion.


Youth Transitions

The Youth Transitions project aims to better understand the needs of young people and families as they settle in Australia. This project employs 10 youth researchers to gather first hand experiences from youth in NSW.


Migrant Employment Coaching

We coach migrant job seekers to navigate the Australian labour market and to compete effectively for employment. Currently we deliver this program in Adelaide in partnership with MAX Employment.

A new program is coming to support Afghan Evacuees in Australia

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