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Work Savvy Programme - HOST International NZ

Work savvy programme, NZ


Looking to develop your career, invest in your personal development and grow your networks?


HOST International Aotearoa, in partnership with SAVVY Up, would like to invite you to register and join us for this four-months’ programme. 


Who the programme is for:

Women and girls from refugee backgrounds who currently reside in New Zealand. Participants need to be able to attend two face-to-face workshops in Wellington (one at the beginning and one at the end of the course).


What the programme is about:


The Work Savvy programme will give you the building blocks of workplace success. From better dealing with challenges to improving your communication skills, this programme will help you to be the best version of yourself in the workplace. It uses a mix of online learning, workshops with experts and peer coaching.


The outcomes you can expect:

The Work Savvy programme will help you improve the following skills:


  • Personal development and career planning

  • Knowing and working on your strengths

  • Reaching short- and long-term goals

  • Developing routines into your daily work & life

  • Relationship-building and working with a wide range of people

  • Managing your time and energy

  • Dealing with challenges

  • Communication skills


How the programme is delivered over the four months:


  1. Introductory workshop held in Wellington: To welcome and connect the participants and give them an overview of the programme & learning process

  2. Four live workshops (1.5 hours per month via Zoom): Engaging and interactive virtual workshops with thought leaders and experts in their fields

  3. Four peer coaching and action-learning forums (90 minutes per month via zoom): Opportunity for participants to reflect and share learnings virtually with others in a learning community

  4. Monthly e-Courses (around 2 hours per month): Engaging, bite-sized microlearning that participants can access from their mobile devices; includes on-the-job tasks and reflection

  5. Community of Practice: Peer discussion via online platform on key learnings

  6. Programme conclusion workshop held in Wellington: To continue to grow networks and share key learnings; Q&A panel with programme presenters and fun team activity.

Time commitment for the programme:


  • 30 to 90 minutes per week over four months, starting 30th August 2022

  • Two face-to-face events in Wellington at the beginning and conclusion of the programme. 


A course calendar with more detail will be published once the programme is finalised.

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