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COVID19 Resources in my Language

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Multicultural communities have been blamed for spreading COVID19 or not getting vaccinated yet few resources have been available to support these communities to easily access and understand the health information from reliable sources.

HOST International has joined with other NGOs in putting together multilingual resources to support migrant and refugee communities to access important health information. Recently in NSW we partnered with the Health department and the Settlement Council of Australia to develop multilingual resources for residents in NSW in Pashto, Hindi, Arabic, Hazaragi, Dari, Farsi, Tamil and Nepali.

When COVID first started to have a significant impact on communities, our team in Thailand developed videos for local urban refugees to help them to remain safe from COVID19 infection. Below are the videos from the team in English, Urdu, Hmong, Thai, Somali and Jarai. You can view these videos on our YouTube Channel

You can also find useful COVID19 related information in your language at

At HOST we believe in empowering communities with accessible and clear information and we continue to respond to these needs in the communities that we work. Please get in touch if you have a need for your community or if you can assist financially to this work, please donate.

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