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Individual Wellbeing


We work with individuals to promote wellbeing and self agency through community based case interventions. We have developed a specialised and evidence informed approach that seeks to empower individuals to respond proactively to displacement challenges by developing practical coping strategies and providing support to manage daily stressors.


We believe that people can overcome adversity with the right support and attitude and that organisations should focus on delivering support, tools and resources that empower self-reliance and focus on future opportunities.

Our work with individuals primarily focuses on individual wellbeing and sustainable community based protection and integration into host communities whether temporary or permanent. We measure this work through an impact framework that measures indicators across domains of physical, social, cultural, psychological and economic integration.

Our work with individuals is currently targeted towards:

  • community based protection strategies including child protection and alternatives to immigration detention; and

  • Coaching and education programs aimed at improving economic inclusion 

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