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Afghanistan has been at war since 1978 and been under American occupancy for the last 20 years. This has led to millions of Afghans becoming refugees and now more are fleeing as they fear the impact of the recent handover of power to the Taliban. Since this takeover, the Australian Government has managed to evacuate over 4,000 people and has undertaken to resettle more through the Humanitarian Settlement Program. 


A key challenge for refugees when making a new life in Australia is accessing employment and tertiary education as a result of interruptions in work and study, limited English proficiency and lack of recognition of prior skills and qualifications. An additional barrier can be the costs of re-certification, education resources, prior recognition and supply of industry specific equipment.

HOST International is committed to building self-agency and independence through social and economic integration. This includes equipping new arrivals with information, skills and networks to support education and employment outcomes soon after arrival and minimising career and education pathways. Therefore HOST is undertaking a special appeal to ensure that the costs of accessing education and employment are not a barrier and inviting professionals to volunteer to mentor a newcomer into their chosen education or career pathway.

Two Options:

1. Make a tax deductible donation to HOST International for our Afghan Appeal by clicking on the yellow donate button. You can tell us how you would like the donation directed when filling out the form to donate. Donations are accepted by credit card, PayPal or manually by getting in touch with us for direct deposit details. Donations will be administered in partnership with the Project Humanity team.

2. Volunteer to become a professional career mentor through our sister organisation Regional Opportunities Australia (ROA) and support an Afghan newcomer to build their social and professional network and to be competitive in the local jobs market. Applications can be made via the online form at 

Whilst HOST works with Afghan refugees across the Asia Pacific, this appeal is targeted for Afghans coming to Australia. If you would like to support Afghans in New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, you may also make a donation in the same way but please specify in which country and for what purpose you would like to donate so that we can track your donation.

Finally, please help spread the word by sharing on social media with colleagues and friends.


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