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Our vision is for an inclusive world where people on the move and host communities work together to create better lives for all.  We believe that this is best achieved by fostering a common sense of humanity, dignity and a shared hope in a better future​.

Our mission is to make life better for displaced people and host communities by fostering humanity, hope and dignity. We do this by facilitating individual wellbeing, community inclusion and global systems change with a focus on innovation in refugee and migrant protection.


Rather than applying traditional models of humanitarian rescue and material aid, we enable displaced people and the communities they live in to develop and implement their own solutions to the challenges they face. In addition, we amplify the voices of displaced communities through research and advocacy that influences policies and practices globally. 

HOST is a charity with ACFID and ISO 9001 accreditation and local governance structures in each country that we operate. Our directors are listed below.

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Australian Board

HOST International is the parent charity for all HOST operations. The Australian board is therefore ultimately accountable for all HOST activities and defers to local boards for local strategic oversight and direction. The following are directors of the Australian Charity.


Wendy Brooks


Wendy is a philanthropic fundraising expert and an experienced board director. She runs her own consultancy company and is passionate about inclusion.


Jamila Padhee


Jamila is a Social Worker an an expert in refugee settlement and trauma. She is the current Co CEO of QLD Program  of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma.


David Keegan

Managing Director/CEO

David is the founder and CEO of HOST International with expertise in refugee settlement and community development in Australia and abroad.


Arash Bordbar


Arash is a former refugee and advocate for refugee protection. He is currently working for UNHCR in Copenhagen to advance access to higher education for refugees.


Evan Jones


Evan is an expert in refugee policy in Asia Pacific and is currently the Coordinator of the Asian Displacement Solutions Platform in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Tye Gerrard


Tye is the Vice President of Investment Banking at Macquarie Group and is an active mentor of new Australians seeking to enter the workforce. He brings expertise in finance and business systems.

HOST International also participates in the Westpac Board observer program which enables staff in Westpac and Minter Ellison to get experience as directors. As part of the program we receive support through Westpac and Minter Ellison pro bono programs. This support has been valuable to the development of HOST and been a great support to the board.


Jon OKeeffe

Company Secretary

Jon is the Director of PX Partners, a consultancy providing innovative governance, risk and compliance support to corporate businesses in Australia.

David Wilden.jpg

David Wilder


David Wilden is head of David Wilden Consulting, which he established after more than 20 years in a range of senior executive positions in the Australian Public Service. 

New Zealand Board

In New Zealand HOST operates as a locally registered Charity called HOST International NZ. In addition to David Keegan as the Chair, the following are Directors of the NZ charity

Mitchell Pham

Mitchell Pham ONZM


Mitchell is a former refugee and accomplished business leader in the NZ tech industry. He is a philanthropist and a Founding Managing Director of Augen Software in Auckland, NZ.

Mai Tamimi-new.jpg

Dr Mai Tamimi MNZM


Mai is a community development expert having worked with refugee and Maori communities in NZ. She current works for Dunedin Council in NZ.

Malaysian Board

In Malaysia, HOST operates under a local foundation called HOST International Foundation Malaysia. In addition to David Keegan as the Chair, the following are Directors of the Malaysian charity.


Vivienne Chew


Vivienne is an expert in refugee protection and an advocate for alternatives to detention in immigration policy. She is currently a policy director in the International Detention Coalition.

Dr Raj.jpeg

Datok Raj Abdul Karim


Datok Raj is an accomplished Human Rights advocate and an expert in child protection and child rights. She is the current Director of MKKM a child rights service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


In Thailand, HOST operates under the local foundation called HOST International Foundation Thailand with a locally appointed board. 


In Indonesia we operate through a partnership with SUAKA while we establish a local foundation

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